Coffee drinkers have a lot of options these days when it comes to coffee. I want to dive into the breakdown of specialty coffee, and why you should care about it.



The process it takes to make coffee is a long one. From the farm, to the roasters, to the cup; it is a process which takes many hours of tedious work to make perfect. There are a lot of opportunities along the way to ruin a bean which may result in a whole pot of bad specialty coffee.

So how do you know if coffee is specialty or regular? The only way to really know is to understand the process of coffee production from plantation to the cup, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!



It all starts with the coffee seed or bean. An unprocessed coffee seed is planted. It must be a quality seed, and it has to be planted in the right region of the world in the perfect climate to produce quality coffee.

After 3-4 years, the coffee tree will begin to bear its first red fruits which are ready for harvest.

Once the coffee bean is reaped, it must be processed quickly to prevent spoiling. After being picked, the beans are dried in the sun which turn the bean a green color. Once dry, they are sorted to remove any discolored or damaged beans. After these dynamic steps, the green coffee beans are ready to go to the roaster.

This part of the process is so vital to ensure the most premium beans. Harvesting beans at the right time and sorting carefully are ultimately what sets specialty and regular coffee apart.



Once the roaster receives the beans, they are carefully tested in small batches to guarantee quality and consistency. Once the beans are approved the rest of the beans are roasted.

Beans are generally roasted between 230-260 degrees Celsius. The coffee is kept moving throughout the roasting process. During this procedure, the oils from the beans emerge which changes the color of the bean from green to brown. This also brings the profound coffee aroma out. From there the beans are cooled and they are ready to be ground and brewed.



This process involves a lot of science that many people can get confused. From how course the coffee is ground, to how long it is brewed greatly affects the taste of it. Specialty coffee shops take the time to learn this science to make sure that they are producing the best cup of coffee possible. To make sure we are taking our coffee to the next level as a specialty coffee shop, we ensure quality espresso and standard drip so that is why we practice the science behind the method.



Red Owl is a specialty coffee shop. We take great pride in the amount of time and care we put into your coffee. We don’t want to classify ourselves as a “specialty coffee shop” without having meaning behind the word specialty. Our customers deserve the best and we are here to produce that for you. With that being said, make sure to stop by and see us at any of our locations in Valdosta and Tifton. You can be satisfied knowing that we will create for you a cup of delicious specialty coffee.